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I published my first book, Business Intelligence and Data Mining Made Accessible, on Amazon Kindle in May 2014. This book fills the need for a concise and accessible book on the topic of Business Intelligence and Data Mining. It is a conversational book that feels easy and informative. This short and lucid book covers everything important, with concrete examples, and invites the reader to join this field.


Business is the act of doing something productive to serve someone’s needs, and thus earn a living, and make the world a better place. Business activities are recorded on paper or electronic media, and then these records become data. There is more data from customers’ responses and from the industry as a whole. All this data can be analyzed and mined using special tools and techniques to generate patterns and intelligence, which reflect how the business is functioning. These ideas can then be fed back into the business so it can evolve to become more effective and efficient in serving customer needs. And the cycle continues. This book essentially expounds of this virtuous cycle.

Data analytics and data-based decision-making are hot topics now. Big Data has entered the common parlance as many kinds of data are generated by business, social media, machines, and more. Organizations have a choice: they can be buried under the avalanche of data, or they can do something with it to increase competitive advantage.

Students across a variety of academic disciplines, including business, computer science, statistics, engineering, and others are attracted to the idea of discovering new insights and ideas from data. This book is designed to provide a student with the intuition behind this evolving area, along with a solid toolset of the major data mining techniques and platforms.

Existing textbooks in this field seem too long, too technical, and too complex. This book has developed from my own class notes, and reflects my many years of IT industry experience, as well as many years of academic teaching experience. The chapters are organized for a typical one-semester graduate course. The book contains many case-lets from real-world stories at the beginning of each chapter. There is a running case study across the chapters as exercises.

This book can also be gainfully used by executives, managers, analysts, professors, doctors, accountants, and other professionals to learn how to make sense of the data coming their way. This is a lucid flowing book that one can even finish in one sitting, or can return to it again and again for insights and techniques.


7 thoughts on “My Book

  1. This book is so simple, easy to understand and it was quite easy to learn its materials, I recommend this book

  2. I enjoyed reading and attending your class, it gives me an over-all view of Data Mining, too bad we have it only for two weeks, Your passion and expertise in teaching is very evident that inspired me to pursue a career related to Data Mining

  3. Thanks to the author, specially for the Decision Tree(DT) chapter with easy example, it was easy to understand the technique easily. Also helps to understand other techniques easily.

  4. I have used Dr. Anil’s book and it is very easy to read and understand with comprehensive content. The flow is easy and contains basics of the Big Data Analytic topics. Especially for people who wants to refresh the knowledge in the area or grasp basic concepts within limited time, the book is ideal. I would recommend without reservation and rate it with 5 stars!

  5. This is very easy book to read especially for non-Americans. Especially the data mining sector and having the tutorials on R are so robust and live that you don’t have to face any troubleshooting. I highly recommend this book. Thanks Dr. Anil K Maheshwari for presenting us so wonderful book…

  6. I would like to use portions of your book on data analytics in public secondary school in the United States. What is required to get the appropriate permission?

  7. The book Business Intelligence and Data Mining is a greatly simplified and easy to read and understand book. It has a real world examples for each chapter that one can relate and easy grasp concepts. I really loved the flow and how it is structured.

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