Happiness is easy

A friend recently forwarded a note on why happiness is difficult. I don’t get it. Being happy is easy, if we know where to look. It is all inside. It is at a layer below (transcending) the surface reality. In fact, we can all be a net happiness generator (exporter) rather than having to buy it from the outside. It is free!

The more we search for happiness the more we come up a cropper. But if we try to make others happy, with an honest heart, we automatically get happier. The more we are grateful for everything, the happier we become.

Happiness is not the same as pleasure; we get the latter from desirable things happening, and the undesirable things not happening. Happiness is as if moving in the general direction of achieving one’s life-long purpose, doing one’s dharma. Gotta discover one’s dharma first!

Happiness is transcended by a higher state(s) which can be called ecstasy, bliss, pure joy, etc. A higher state of consciousness has to be cultivated over time. Meditation absolutely helps. ‘Yogastha kuru karmaani’, the Vedas say. I.e. Established in Self, perform action. From this state, happiness is automatically generated, enough to share/export some.

May all beings be happy!
(Tip: Say this Buddhist saying often to yourself, sincerely, and it should make a difference in your own life).


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