My Data Analytics book becomes Best Seller

Today, my first book, Data Analytics Made Accessible, became a top-seller in the data mining category. It reached #2 bestseller status on the Amazon website (see picture below). I hope it will reach #1 soon. The book’s success speaks to its quality. It is an accessible overview of this vast and growing and hot topic. This book only comes in an online (Kindle) version, and is also priced very low compared to other books in the field. Thanks to those who wrote nice reviews on the book on Amazon site. I hope this books helps the readers become successful in their lives.

DAMA_Ranked_2_in_data_mining_on_Amazon - Aug23-2015.


9 thoughts on “My Data Analytics book becomes Best Seller

  1. Hi i was trying to buy your book data analytics made accessible on amazon but it states that it is currently not for purchase. Is there any other way i could get a copy of your book

    1. Thanks for your interest in this book. The book is available in Kindle version only.
      I am sorry to hear that you could not purchase the book on Amazon. I will follow up with them.
      Here is the link again. Just in case …
      A friend of mine in Singapore was able to easily buy it a couple of years ago.
      Pls let me know if still having problems.

  2. Hi Dr. Maheshwari

    I was considering using some of the material from your book in a Data Analytics module I am teaching next semester. Do you have any instructor resources available to complement the book?

    Many thanks,


      1. Dear Dr Anil,
        I am recently following your book ‘Data Analytics Made Accessible’ for teaching Data Analytics in my university. Do you have instructor supporting materials for this book? If you have, could you please share the materials?
        Many thanks in advance.
        With regards

  3. Hi dr Anil..this book does not show up in kindle. Has it been taken off from kindle. I only see your other Data mining book there. Thanks

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