Visit to Yog Gram in India

Visit to Yog Gram in India

My wife and I spent a wonderful week at the naturopathic institution called Yog Gram near Haridwar in India, last month. This piece describes the nature of our nice and beneficial experience there.


Yog Gram, or Yoga Village, was set up just 6-7 years ago by Patanjali Yogpeeth, which in turn is owned and managed by the famous yoga guru Swami Ramdev. Yog Gram is a residential retreat place. It has nice air-conditioned cottages for people to stay for rest, recuperation and detoxing. The minimum stay requirement is one week, and the maximum stay allowed is about two months. Accommodation has to be reserved well in advance, as usually there is a waiting line for getting the chance to get there. The cost of stay is reasonable. It costs only a couple of thousand rupees (about US$40-50) per day for a couple to stay in an air-conditioned cottage. This automatically includes the cost of the ayurvedic food, the naturopathic treatments, doctor examinations, and more.

The first thing that unmistakably hits the visitor to this place, is the abundance of flowers. The place is full of fresh flowers of all colors, sizes and shapes. On both sides of every pathway there are fragrant fresh flowers. This abundance of flowers is painstakingly maintained by 30 full-time resident gardeners. Just being in the midst of such beautiful flowers was uplifting for my soul. I called it floral therapy. In addition, the air quality is amazingly clean by Indian standards. The reason is that this place is next to a forest, the Rajaji national park, and far from the nearest city of Haridwar. Another natural benefit is that it  is in the land of the Holy Seers, so the vibrations are still there. Between the flowers, the pure air and the vibes, the place is like heaven.

When you check in, the doctors in residence examine every health-seeker, and then prescribe the meal patterns as well as the naturopathic treatment for the morning and the evening.

The daily routine is reasonably packed with activity. People wake up at 4:30 am and go to sleep at 9:30 pm everyday. In the morning typically there are cleansing treatments like enema, and sutra-neti and eye-wash etc. There is a 2-hour morning session in the Yoga Hall, which includes yoga practice, and group counseling. After a light customized breakfast, one goes for naturopathic treatments as prescribed. After lunch there is some time for rest. Then again there are healthy juice drinks followed by a mud-pack treatment. Then there are more naturopathic treatments in the afternoon. After a light fruit juice, there is the evening yoga session and group counseling. Then there is customized dinner, after which the health-seekers (as every visitor is called) retire for the day.

The food is custom-prepared for everyone. We were given something to eat or drink 7-8 times during each day. There are 76 different types of naturopathic treatments to select from, in consultation with the doctor. Among the treatments are many kinds of massages (head, back, full-body, etc), and baths (hot-cold, full-back, steam, sauna, etc), and wraps (for the calfs, or the abdomen etc) to name just a few.

We enjoyed and benefited from our stay at Yog Gram. It is a very nice place overall, and a very good value for money. With some minor changes, this place has the potential to become a world-class facility. Currently almost all of the visitors are Indians. The place does not yet offer the privacy of treatment that the western visitors are used to. However, the cost is a small fraction of the cost for a similar naturopathic treatment in the US. So given the value-for-money, soon foreign visitors might make a beeline for the place.


29 thoughts on “Visit to Yog Gram in India

  1. Yoogram is only commercial .dr nagender kumar neerag and junior doctor behaviour is very rudly and they not give proper attention to patient and they not give time to patient to discuss for there health condition and they give diet chart for all same for there disease staff is very nice and they all co-perate to patient.

    1. My mother is currently at Yogram and she had a positive picture in her mind before booking it online. She traveled all the way from U.K. and highly disappointed by the behavior of the staff and Doctors which is very rude and unacceptable. The hygiene in the cottage is absolutely nil. She is suffering from Arthritis and the cottage is too far from the dinner hall and whenever she asks for the car/lift service they decline her by saying that they do not have it available. Please do not waste your money. Its a hype created by Baba Ramdev and pure business model.

      1. Plz help me as i too thought of to take my mom to this place.she is also suffering from arthritis

  2. I m amit jain from delhi
    I m suffering from slip disk and sciatica pain on right leg last 6 months
    U have any disease for my problem

    My brother sanjay jain suffering from sugar .

    I want to join yog gram

  3. I m suffering from slip disk and and done also MRI then doctor suggest microdiscectomy spine surgery
    (between the L4 and L5) . Please suggest if any cure in yoga gram

  4. I want to join yog gram to cure my slipped disc cervical region c4 c5 c6 c7 thoracal region t-12 nd lumber region l4 l5 nd s1 bulg. Cn u please let me knw the procedure. Nd i wana knw dat is yog gram seriously cure my slipped disc.??

  5. I am suffering from stomach problems since six years. Now-a-days I fill very bad. can I be allright? Please suggest to me.

    1. I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering from stomach problems. It is the nature of the mind and body to be its own healer. Happiness lies within. Yes, you can be absolutely alright and can live a flourishing life. Try to research your problem some more, and find a solution so that you and others in your situation can benefit from it. That will be a positive purpose that will make your feel your engaged and determined to help humanity.

  6. I am suffering to slip disc spondilites thoyoride problem. Due to these problems I went to yog gram but I had a bad experience there.Dr.behaviour towards their patients was not good. They do not have any immediate action towards any mishap. Although the ladies staff in the treatment centre are good but to go their is totally wastage of money.

  7. Sir I have gastric problem as well as hydrosil since 2010. .any treatment available in yogagram for my above health condition

    1. Dear friend, I am sorry to hear of your problem. Please contact Yog Gram directly for any specific questions.
      I am sure they can help you, as they have handled and cured far more serious issues in the past. However, best to contact them directly. thanks for asking. Anil

  8. plz help me 2013 mai mera accident hua tha bike se dimaag ke right side main chout lagi thi uski wajay se right side ki aankh choti ho gayi or right side ke mooh ki condition tedi ho gayi kya yoga se sahi ho sakta plz tell me my number is 9997034324

  9. I’m suffering from night fall from more than last two year.. i did lots of mastarbation ignorantly in my youth.. i took several treatment last 2 year but no result.. please tell me can i get cure in yog gram.?

  10. How can join the yog gram lower middle class like me… I want to join but I have no money support ….

    1. Sorry sir I expected your reply….
      But I saw that you don’t say anything….
      Then I thought that you have no answer about that matter….
      Do something for ours….

      1. How can we registered free for yoga gram. please inform me if it’s possible. Kuldeep

        Mob. No. 9414685202

  11. How can we registered free for yoga gram. please inform me if it’s possible. Kuldeep

    Mob. No. 9414685202

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